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Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Thinking about a birthday party for your child?  Sure, you can clean the house, plan the activities, prepare the food, try your best to keep the kids entertained, and then clean up after all of that. can call us.


We are birthday party experts.  From keeping the kids active and having fun, to providing the clean up...we can take care of your party.  Soups to nuts, as they say.

Indoor safety                           Dedicated staff                       Helping hands
Party Pricing

Party Pricing is as follows:


Up to 10 children: $180

11-15 children: $210

16-20 children: $240



*There is a 20 child maximum.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to insure the date and time of your choice.

Party Schedule

Our parties are held on Sundays:


  • 10:00 - 11:45 am

  • 12:15 - 2:00 pm

  • 2:30 - 4:15pm


Our parties go quickly...please book 2-3 months in advance of the date you want!

We Supply

We supply the following paper/plastic goods for your party:


  • Napkins

  • Cups

  • Tablecloths

  • Plates

  • Plastic utensils


You supply any food or beverage for your guests!


**No Balloons or Pinatas allowed**


Ready to book your party?

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