2 Year Old Parent Particiption

This program is a great introduction to the benefits of physical fitness along with the fun of social interaction for both parent's and children.  Classes focus on development of balance and coordination as well as basic gymnastics skills.

3 Year Olds

Around the age of 3, children become ready to venture out without Mom and Dad.  In this class, children begin to learn how to follow directions, gymnastics terminology, basic gymnastics positions and fundamental skills on standard gymnastics equipment.

4 Year Olds

Your child will explore challenging gymnastics and age-appropriate motor skill combinations.  This 45-minute class is designed to develop a young gymnasts strength, coordination and confidence through the training of basic skills in a ll the gymnastics meets.


Levels 1-5 and Tumbling

Our after-school Recreational program is designed to place kids in their correct skill level, as well as in the most appropriate age group. 

  • Class levels are 1 - 5, beginner through advanced. 

  • We offer classes Monday - Friday starting at 4:30pm.  On Saturdays our classes run 9:00am - 1:15pm. 

  • At the end of each session you will receive an email letting you know what level you should sign them up for next.  If you are new to our classes and unsure what level your child should register for, call us and schedule an assessment.


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Class Policies

  • Free Trial classes are offered to NEW students only.

  • Students may begin at any point during a session providing there is space in the class.  Remaining classes will be pro-rated.

  • Registration fee is non-refundable but remains active for one full year.

  • Class schedule and instructors are subject to change based on enrollment and without notice.

  • Cancellations due to unsafe driving/inclement weather will be on our voicemail, website, Facebook, NBC 30 and an email will be sent.

  • Upon registration of a class, you understand that you are committed to the full session.

  • There will be NO refunds given for dropped classes.  Exceptions may be made due to injury, but a medical note is required.



  • A leotard is the preferred attire for girls, though not required. 

  • Shorts and t-shirts may be worn.

  • Hair pulled back, no dangly jewelry, no baggy clothing and bare feet are required.


Missed Classes

  • Please make every effort to attend your regularly scheduled classes.

  • We do offer make-ups for classes missed if there is availability. You are allowed two make-ups per session. Credits/refunds will not be given for missed classes.

  • If a class is closed due to unsafe driving/bad weather, you can schedule a make-up. This is in addition to the allowed make-up of two classes per session. 

  • Upon registration of a class, you understand that you are committed to the full session. 

  • If a class is dropped due to low enrollment, and we can’t find another class for your student you will be able to get a credit for all classes after the cancelation date not a refund.

**subject to change**